Why SOL-UV®?

We are technical leaders in environmentally friendly technologies to treat and disinfect water:

  • More than 35 years of expertise in water treatment and hygiene.
  • International connections and cooperations with science and research.
  • Longstanding experience in drinking water, swimming and pool water, as well as sewage water and water for industrial uses.
  • We stand for quality and our interdisciplinary panel of around 25 experts puts us ahead of the game.
  • Technical competence through continued training.
  • Our own internal planning and development office is engineering products and procedures for the future.
  • SOL-UV® and VISADES (ISO-9001 certified) have internal production facilities.
  • Great flexibility with regards to production and equipment configuration.
  • Our equipment is manufactured with specially selected materials to guarantee longevity.
  • Sophisticated equipment technology and production through years of research and development.
  • All of our equipment and controls are manufactured in our own production facilities.