All our products are designed with our principle in mind. We 
want to provide environmentally friendly water treatment and 
solutions and reduce the need for chemical disinfection. 

Our highly effective UV-ozone combination system guarantees outstanding water quality and protection from infectious bacteria and germs without irritating the skin, eyes or mucous membranes.

Furthermore, our quality products are easy to use, energy-efficient, very reasonable to run and require very little maintenance.

We provide the following product lines:

The MAVOX series

Experience has shown that using UV light alone to treat water, especially in swimming pools and ponds, leads to dissatisfactory results. The SOL-UV® MAVOX series combines UV radiation with ozone treatment based on years of scientific research… >>

SOL-UV® LegioDes®

There is a wide variety of systems on the market to eliminate legionella bacteria. Most of them however do not deliver the required results. That’s why SOL-UV® has developed a unique three barrier system… >>