How does UV-ozone work?

Use UV (ultraviolet) light – rays of the sun – to disinfect water

When irradiating water with UV light (UV-C) harmful microorganisms are eliminated. This means that high energy UV rays at a specific wavelength cause a reaction that disables vital cell functions in bacteria, viruses, funghi and other microorganisms. Compared to chemical treatment methods, UV radiation is environmentally friendly, fragrance free and doesn‘t leave any residues in the water.

Ozone (O3) naturally occurs in various layers of our atmosphere

Oxygen is transformed into ozone when it is exposed to UV radiation of a specific wavelength (185 nm). A higher wavelength (256 nm) reverses the process and eliminates the ozone. This is used in the water treatment process and oxidative disinfection.

Three oxygen atoms (O3) make up one ozone molecule. The third atom however, is only loosely connected to the other two oxygen atoms. During the water treatment process ozone and ‘dirt particles’ collide (see illustration). This causes a chemical reaction, the so called oxidation (‘wet oxidation’). Harmful substances disintegrate and other microorganisms like infectious bacteria, viruses, funghi and algae are permanently eliminated.

Advantages of a UV-ozone combination system

UV (to eliminate harmful microorganisms) and ozone (as supporting oxidative substance) are perfectly suited to disinfect and treat water in an environmentally friendly manner:

  • It is environmentally friendly yet highly effective.
  • It doesn't leave any residues in the water.
  • Ozone is a natural element which forms when oxygen is irradiated with ultraviolet light.
  • It reduces the need for chemicals.

But careful! Not all combination systems and procedures achieve the desired results. There are many cheap products on the market, which are ineffective because of a lack of expertise and inadequate use. Our products, such as SOL-UV® MAVOX and SOL-UV® LegioDes® are based on years of research. This is how we can guarantee high performance, high quality products.