About us

The aim of SOL-UV® as a business is to help reduce the pressure on our environment. We do this by reducing the need for chemicals and other toxic substances. Our systems and procedures consequently also avoid any disconcerting by-products, which usually give reasons for health concerns. That’s how we can guarantee outstanding water quality and the best possible protection from harmful bacteria and germs. In addition we help to save water and energy in the process by using the latest technologies.

Another one of our aims is to bring a greater understanding of the water treatment process to a wide range of people. We want to shed light on how to use simple processes and procedures and how technical, chemical and biological aspects are connected. To do this, our water expert Walter Polak and other engineers from the group hold regular seminars and presentations.

Our contribution

Thanks to our long-standing experience in water treatment and disinfection, our staffs’ vast knowledge of the market, our international connections and our innovative products and procedures, we are among the top players in the water treatment sector. Our considerable number of patents and exclusive rights for water treatment and disinfection equipment and procedures underlines this.

In cooperation with our expert planners and specialised production companies we offer our customers exclusively tailor-made products, which are stringently tested, economic and easy to use and maintain. In addition we look after our partners and train and assist them, depending on their needs, in regular intervals to guarantee their quality of work and level of expertise.

SOL-UV® - the company

SOL-UV® is part of a group of companies under the lead of Ing. Viktor Sachs, a business specialised in electrical engineering. Also part of this group is VISADES, which develops, produces and distributes UV units for the disinfection of drinking water and industrial uses. SOL-UV®'s contribution is particularly in the area of public and private pool technology. Partners specialising in the installation and service sector complete the group.

The SOL-UV® - team

Edelgard Polak-Benvenuto – Director

Email: office@sol-uv.at

Edelgard Polak-Benvenuto is the sole, commercial director of SOL-UV® Technology and Development Ltd. She is responsible for coordinating the company’s operations and is supported by an outstanding team of business and technical advisors.

Walter Polak – Authorised signatory and Consultant

Email: w.polak@sol-uv.at

Walter Polak is an authorised signatory and consultant at SOL-UV® Technology and Development Ltd. He is a renowned expert in water treatment and hygiene. He is an autodidact with continuous training. The self-confessed nature lover has been dealing with the gentle treatment of water in the private and public sector for over 35 years. In 1995 he was honoured with the ‘Le Merite de L’Innovation’ award for industrial innovation in Brussels.

He passes on his vast experience and knowledge in presentation and seminars, which are acclaimed at home and abroad. The target audience are SOL-UV® partners and operators of pool and water circulation systems worldwide. He demonstrates ways of achieving exceptional water hygiene and economical and environmental methods of operation.

Edith Kreuleder-Wallner – Assistant to the Director

Email: office@sol-uv.at

Edith Kreuleder has been working successfully with Walter Polak for several years now. As Assistant to the Director she is always at the heart of business, together with Mrs. Polak-Benvenuto. Edith Kreuleder is responsible for customer care and her expertise is much appreciated by all our clients and business partners.